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Are you looking for a best hosting review or one of the cheapest hosting? Then you are in the right place. We will show you one of the best trusted and reliable web hosting company which is GoViralHost Review

Here you will get to know all about GoViralHost and also my personal experience with Goviralhost. If you want to run a website on WordPress then you will need web hosting. Goviralhost will fulfill your needs.

If you read this article till the end then I’m sure you will definitely make your decision right about this hosting, Goviralhost. Also, we will provide you a 20% Promo code, or else you can say a Discount Code to get this web hosting.

Why Hosting is necessary?

If you are creating a website on Blogger then there is no need for hosting because the blogger it’s free and has strong backend support from Google. Although free hosting is a bad idea, Blogger doesn’t compromise on features, and it’s easy to get started. Once you get a custom domain of your choice, you can start blogging with a small investment.

This small Investment you can do on a hosting also Because without a Hosting the WordPress is nothing just like a blogger. If you want the freedom to customize your website and features like Plugins, then you must have a hosting. Goviralhost provides the cheapest and one of the best hosting starting at Rupees 49. Although there are more great plans in Goviralhost which we will discuss further.

Now you will be confused about buying a web hosting for your website. Because there are many hosting companies that are standing all over the internet. It is difficult to choose the right hosting. Which one is best for you and your website, you have to do research. To do So just read properly on this page about GoViralHost. You will definitely find your hosting.

We believe to choose right from the experience.

From our personal experience we will share here our solutions about your topics on GoViralHost:

  1. How fast will your website load with GoViralHost?
  2. Will your website accessible online 24/7? 
  3. How much disk space capacity they are giving? 
  4. Do GoViralHost plans have affordable pricing?
  5. How is the support team of the Goviralhost?
  6. How I can save money with Goviralhost?

GoViralHost Review

GoViralHost Review

Goviralhost is the most reliable and fastest-growing hosting company until now. Goviralhost was established in 2016 and till now serving over 1.3 million users including me. Although it is a new company it has maintained well in the Hosting industry. The company provides web hosting with, One-Click WordPress Install, MySQL, cPanel, PHP, and FTP.

With GoviralHost you can easily install WordPress with One-Click, the company claims. There are three plans which GoViralhost provides are Starter plan which is 49 Rupees per month, an Advanced plan which is 85 Rupees per month, Plus plan which is 129 Rupees per month, and Pro Plan which is 159 Rupees per month.

Before you make your opinion let me share with you my personal experience with GoViralhost. To be honest, I’m still using this hosting on my website. This is hosted on Goviralhost and its best than my previous hosting by Godaddy. No offense but the truth is the truth, GoViralhost is the best hosting for WordPress no doubt on that.

GoViralHost Hosting

GoViralHost Plans for WordPress

GoViralHost provides many services but here in this article, we will only discuss two main services which are mainly used by Bloggers, or News sites. Web hosting and WordPress hosting. All the services by Goviralhost are listed below:

  • Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Power Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Server

Web hosting by GoViralhost starts from Rs.49 in India which is almost around $0.67.

They provide four different plans of hosting as per your requirement. You can see above their features and Price.

  1. Strater Hosting (@ Rs.49 per month)
  2. Advanced Hosting (@ Rs.85 per month)
  3. Plus Hosting (@ Rs.129 per month)
  4. Pro Hosting (@ Rs.159 per month)

(The above Plans are of Linux Web Hosting Plans)

If you are new in building a website then its better to go for a starter hosting plan in which you have to just pay Rs.49 per month. In this plan, you can host One Website, 2GB SSD Storage, Free SSL Certificate, 2 TB Bandwidth, and 5 Mysql Database.

But if have more budget then you can blindly go for best selling hosting on GoViralhost which is Advanced Plan. In this plan, you have to pay Rs.85 per month and you can easily host 3 websites, here you will get Unlimited Mysql Database and Unlimited Bandwidth.

GoViralHost Plans Review

1 Website
2 GB SSD Storage
5 Email Accounts
2 TB Bandwidth
Free cPanel
5 Mysql Database
5 Subdomains
Free SSL Certificate
Linux Web Hosting Plans by GoVIralhost
3 Website
50 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free cPanel
Unlimited Mysql Database
Unlimited Subdomains
Free SSL Certificate
Linux Web Hosting Plans by GoVIralhost
5 Website
100 GB SSD Storage
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free cPanel
Unlimited Mysql Database
Unlimited Subdomains
Free SSL Certificate
Linux Web Hosting Plans by GoVIralhost

Features Offered by GoViralHost

Now we will look at some of the best features which are provided by Goviralhost in deep.

SSD based Storage

GoViralHost provides the best SSD Storage at this price segment of Rs 49. There are many hosting companies that give more SSD Storage but their prices are a bit higher but GoViralHost gives sufficient storage which is also less priced.

Look at the plans and Storage Capacity of the hosting provided by GoViralHost in Linux Hosting sections as well as WordPress Hosting. The SSD Storage is different in Linux and WordPress hosting plans.

Disk Storage Capacity of Linux Web Hosting Plans (GoViralHost)

Hosting PlansDisk StoragePricing
Starter Plan2 GBClick Here
Advanced Plan50 GBClick Here
Plus Plan100 GBClick Here
Pro PlanUnlimitedClick Here

Disk Storage Capacity of WordPress Hosting Plans (GoViralHost)

Hosting PlansDisk StoragePricing
Starter Plan25 GBClick Here
Advanced Plan100 GBClick Here
Plus Plan500 GBClick Here
Pro PlanUnlimitedClick Here

This clearly shows the SSD Storage capacity of plans which are different from plans to plans. Storage are very useful to store your website data and files. Depending on your website category you can choose your hosting plan by the above table.

Unlimited Bandwidth

If you are new to creating a website then you will be thinking What is Unlimited Bandwidth? OR How much traffic can a website host on GoViralHost bear?

Before going into the details of how much bandwidth does GoViralHost offer. Let me explain to you What is Unlimited Bandwidth or Unmetered Bandwidth.

What is Unlimited Bandwidth?

If you are a newbie then understand What is Bandwidth? Bandwidth is the amount of data that is transferred from A point to B point within a network in a specific period of time. In other words your connection between your website viewers and your Website Data/Articles.

Bandwidth is a very important factor to see while buying web hosting for your website. Because bandwidth can handle your website traffic. If your website hosting is weak then your site may crash while there are more users on your website.

Now let you understand What is Unlimited Bandwidth? Unlimited Bandwidth on a shared hosting means there are no specific limits like 1 Tb per month. GoViralHost provides Unlimited Bandwidth, but the only problem is there’s no particular amount of bandwidth. If you use a larger amount of bandwidth which can affect other websites on the server then the hosting company well send you an Email for controlling the uses of the site.

Now take a look at Bandwidth provided by GoViralHost.

Linux Web Hosting PlanBandwidthPrice
Starter Plan2 TB BandwidthCheck Here
Advanced PlanUnlimited BandwidthCheck Here
Plus PlanUnlimited BandwidthCheck Here
Pro PlanUnlimited BandwidthCheck Here
WordPress Hosting PlanBandwidthPrice
Starter PlanUnlimited BandwidthCheck Here
Advanced PlanUnlimited BandwidthCheck Here
Plus PlanUnlimited BandwidthCheck Here
Pro PlanUnlimited BandwidthCheck Here

Unlimited MySQL and FTP

All the plans on Goviralhost are providing Unlimited MySQL and FTP accounts that use structured query language for adding, managing, and accessing the content in a database. MySQL is an open-source relational database management system.

FTP accounts are very useful because they are used for uploading and managing files on websites. This FTP account is automatically created in cPanel.

Free cPanel with Every Hosting Plans

Goviralhost provides hosting with a free cPanel account that can manage your hosting account. This cPanel is packed with tools that are helpful to run a website smoothly. You can manage your domains, sub-domains, emails, security, file management, etc.

GoViralHost Cpanel

One-Click WordPress Installer

If you are new for starting your website then this hosting is best for you because Goviralhost provides One-Click WordPress installation without any technical work or any headache. GoViralHost One-Click Installer feature will install WordPress automatically for you.

GoViralHost One-Click Installer can also be helped to built support languages like PHP, Perl, and Ruby on Rails. Even though it can install over 450+ applications including Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Dolphin, etc.

Free SSL Certificate

Now all the websites are compulsory to have an SSL Certificate because Google wants visitor’s security to be very strong and they are very serious about the encryption. Therefore now in 2020, all the web hosting companies are providing a free SSL Certificate with their plans. All this is because of the security and implementation of HTTPS.

All Web Hosting, Business Hosting, and Power hosting packages on GoViralHost come with FREE SSL by Let’s Encrypt.

GoViralHost Web Hosting Speed Test

The speed of the website is another factor to consider for better visitors and also the betterment of your website. Therefore GoViralHost provides you a good server speed which is enough to handle nearly all types of websites on the internet under the basics plans of GoViralHost. This website is also hosted on Goviralhost and giving me a score of 99 on the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Wholetrick site speed
My Website Speed with GoVIralHost

Site speed is also important because it decides the bounce rate of your website. This is claimed by Google themself on their site Think With Google. According to Google if your website loads slow then the possibilities of increasing bounce rate will increase. You can go this ThinkwithGoogle page to know in detail.

Wholetrick Speed

Now, you will be thinking how much times does a site takes to load with GoViralHost?

We have tested our site and you can clearly see that loads in just 0.8 seconds. (This website is hosted on Advanced Plan of Rs 85 plan)

Believe me, this much speed you can get on just Rs 85 per month plan, which is very amazing. Only available on GoViralHost.

Thats why GoViralhost is one the cheapest hosting company with good server speed.

GoViralHost Customer Support Review

Customer support is very important for any web hosting buyer needed. Therefore GoViralHost provides free and fast customer support over phone, emails and even through WhatsApp.

Sometimes there are some technical problems for which you have to contact Customer Support. Personally using GoviralHost hosting for months and had no issue with customer support, they are always helpful and kind. Therefore good customer service is essential with hosting a site.

In my opinion, I will rate GoViralHost customer service 9 out of 10. Because they have solved my problems even though they were very easy to handle. You can Call and Mail both to get GoViralhost Customer help and WhatsApp too.

GoViralHost 20% Promo Code on Every Hosting Plan

GoViralHost is providing 20% off on every hosting plan you buy on GoVIralHost. But this promo code is only applicable if you buy hosting for a year.

1st year purchase promo code for all hosting plans on GoViralHost

Promo Code: Y6T1MVOSQ7

Linux Web Hosting Pricing: GoViralHost

Linux web hosting plan

WordPress Hosting Pricing: GoViralHost

Wordpress hosting plan

User-friendly Interface: GoViralHost

GoViralHost dashboard

Comparing other hosting companies like Bluehost, Hostinger, etc, GoViralHost is very easy to use and its dashboard is user-friendly. Once you are logged into ClinetArea then it is very easy to enter cPanel, File Manager, Plugin, Themes, and you can also handle subdomains from the GoViralHost dashboard.

GoViralHost Review: Conclusion

Do you should go for GoViralHost hosting?

Definitely, YES. I’m still using GoViralHost and enjoying their services amazingly with stability and support. In my opinion, I often preferred better customer service because if you are in a problem there must be someone who can help you instantly like GoViralHost.

I also like its storage capacity which they provide (50GB), Unlimited Bandwidth with 100 Mbit/s, Lite Speed Servers, and the most important all servers are protected by powerful anti-DDos.

The very most important thing that there are no additional add-ons while you purchase hosting from GoViralHost. And you must ignore those add-ons at the beginning.

I hope you will not miss this opportunity to go for GoViralhost for your dream website or blog. If you like this article then do share it with your friends and family members who want to start a website and want to host for it. Thank You!

Frequently asked questions: GoViralHost

How to get GoViralHost Promo Code?

Just go to Offer section on the home page of

How To Contact GoViralHost Customer Support?

Visit the GoViralHost website and you can easily find their contact no or even you can chat with them on WhatsApp.

What is the Cheapest hosting plan on GoViralHost?

The Cheapest hosting plan you can find on Goviralhost is the Starter plan of the Linux Web Hosting section at just Rs 20.

Is there 30 Days Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. All of the web hosting services on GoViralHost comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

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